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Doorways of Change – One Day Workshop

This fantastic Workshop takes Crystal Grids to the next level, if you love Crystals and wish to understand and expand how to use them in Grids for both everyday life and as a healing tool then this workshop is highly recommended. Kendall introduces you to more complex grids and her personal grid designs; you will also have the opportunity to create your own original Grid. We recommend you attend the Crystal Grid Mini Workshop before as a foundation before this workshop.

What you will learn at the Doorways of Change – One Day Workshop:

  • Understanding the power of the Spiral Energy
  • Embracing the Shamans Grid for Clearing
  • Evoking the Dragonfly Spiral Grid
  • The Medicine Wheel Grid for Healing
  • Expand your awareness of star Grids and which to choose
  • The Goddess Power Grid
  • The Light Star
  • Intuitive Grids and Power Spirit Guides
  • Learn how and why with choosing crystals for Grids

Next scheduled workshop:

Date: TBA

Time:  9.30 am to 4.30 pm



  • Free Crystal Grid Worksheets
  • Morning Tea and Herbal Teas provided
  • Crystals and Crystal Grid packs are provided for your learning use in the workshop, these Crystals may be purchased during or after the workshop.
  • Certificate on completion

Cost: $150

$120 Early Bird

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