About Kendall

kendall heart hiveI started my journey over 20 years ago, at the time on the outside life seemed to be fine, I had a supportive family a beautiful husband and just had baby number two. What did I have to complain about right? I had been a good kid, ticked all the boxes as life had required, school, job, marriage, family.

Why did I feel a crushing loneliness inside, why was I secretly feeling empty inside, and how was this ok? Well as all things not addressed have a natural way of snowballing, something had to crack. And crack it did!

So began the road of healing, the road of discovery and the road of joy. To awaken is to allow yourself to remember your greatness, your uniqueness and you Divine purpose. The road actually never ends it twists and turns leading you where you need, when you need it. Life is about learning, about embracing new experiences, facing your fears and walking your path. It’s not about ticking boxes. Baby steps are the way to start, feel it instead of fearing it and you might just realise you are now waking up with a smile.

‐ Quote from the Book “WIFE, WITCH, WARRIOR”  coming soon when I get a minute!

Kendall’s mission is to inspire and empower you to discover your individual spiritual direction, strength and souls’ purpose.” I feel very honoured to have trained with wonderful teachers and spirit to deepen my understanding of the truth of the self journey and holistic practices. Working with spirit has enriched my life on so many levels, I believe everyone can find a path of serenity and light within, everyone is unique, special and gifted with a divine path and purpose. It is my privilege to assist you finding you way back to happiness and light”.

Kendall is an Accredited Crystal Healer and Teacher, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer and Meditation Teacher. She is an advocate of donating Holistic practices to those in need and has assisted in Charity Events, Volunteering Reiki and Spiritual work and also the Hopewell Hospice.

Kendall is highly tuned empath to each Souls Unique Vibration she has trained over the past 15 years with teachers Rachelle Charman- Academy of Crystal Awakening, Kerry Henwood- Shamanic Grace, & Jayanti Woods Reiki Master.  After many years in her successful private practice formally Rainbow Lantern (Sydney) currently Heart Hive (Gold Coast), she has evolved her passion to teach and expand, now focused on teaching  Shamanic Training, Empowerment, Meditation & Shamanism to light the world. She is an advocate for soul based living

Kendall guides in a loving but powerful way too help you see into the depth of your soul, to unfold the emotions you may be denying letting free, so you may find clarity in your life right now and be supported in moving ahead with your divinely guided plan. Our Mission is to empower you to make choices for your Souls Happiness.

Kendall is also a co- creator and partner in Earth Retreats with Katharine & Kirralee from Earth Therapies combining their skills to create beautiful retreats and a home base for Earth Retreats Collective Venue on the Gold Coast. Earth Retreats Collective hosts Womens Circles, Community Nights Transformational Workshops & Events, as well as being home to the Heart Hive & Earth Therapies private treatment rooms.


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