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Shamanic Journey – Meditation

Kendall runs fun, nurturing and friendly guided Tribe Journey Nights designed to give time out from the busy schedules we keep. Our evening is designed to take you on a Soul Journey over the weeks, learn to relax, refresh, clear energies and enable your connection to the Divine. Shamanic Journey evenings are held every second month to assist you to reconnect to both Spirit and Community.

Meditation is an amazing skill that is easy to learn with life changing results, mediation has been proven to Increase wellbeing and speed up healing, lower blood pressure, increase immune levels, decrease stress and create a sense of order, purpose and calm.

Kendall’s meditation classes are fantastic. Relaxation is optimum and the whole experience is addictive. Everyone of all ages must experience and enjoy a meditation class with Kendall at some stage.”

February 25, 2016

These evenings are for those who feel called to the beat of the earth drum, this is a Shamanic Journey program which calls in a new learning by calling in tradition of Spirit Power Animals, for the group to connect with to empowering there development. Laying upon the floor in traditional resting position, you are transported inwards through the Earth Heartbeat of the Drum. Students are given direction and guidance along each journey to open and deepen there connection to soul self. Our format can change depending where Spirit directs.


  • Tribe Connect
  • Different Theme for Each Evening to focus on Purpose & Clarity
  • Drum Healing Circle
  • Gratitude and Connection to Mother Earth
  • Shamanic Drum Journey

No experience necessary come join us in this beautiful soul connection experience. Learn new life tools to assist you in navigating your world and connect with an open heart.
Shamanic Journey program which creates inner learning and healing. If your are feeling lost, want more direction in your life, want to feel connected and wish to embrace healing and empowerment then these nights are for you.

Allow yourself to Embrace a new path.

Tribe Night – Shamanic Journey 

Date:    Every Second Month 2019

February 19th

April 23rd

June 18th

August 6th

October 1st

December 3rd

Time:    7 pm start -9pm

(Doors open at 6.50pm please arrive minimum  5 minutes before).

Venue: Gecko Hall – Currumbin

139 Duringan St, Currumbin QLD 4223

Cost: $30

Bookings Required – Limited Spaces

Please contact Kendall with any questions.

contact by email


Tribe Night – Shamanic Journey 

Date:    TUESDAY 18th JUNE

Time:    7 pm start -9pm

(Doors open at 6.50pm please arrive min of 5 minutes before).

Venue: Gecko Hall – Currumbin

139 Duringan St, Currumbin QLD 4223

Cost: $30

Bookings Required – Limited Spaces


What to Bring:

  • yoga mat
  • blanket & socks
  • water bottle
  • Notebook & Pen


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