The Shamanic Path

Soul Medicine

spirit heartAs we grow and awaken in western society across this planet, one aspect of our lifestyle is becoming glaring obvious; a restless need is stirring for a more connected life. Never before in our society has our emotional and wellbeing been more at risk, generations that came before us faced much greater physical illness, tragedy and poverty compared to our lives today. But still we are struggling with our physical and emotional health, depression, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, loss of purpose and low self-worth are becoming the normal in society today.

Our souls health and wellbeing must be addressed and reclaimed for the generations to come, it is any wonder our planet is also reflecting a state of turmoil as we struggle, we have lost the connection to the earth which provides for us, we have lost our path on finding truth and joy, we have lost our power to heal ourselves as we ignore our souls unique tune. Just getting by and trying to fit into what society sets as “normal” is not working anymore, change is needed.

The Shamans gift is of reconnection, clarity, deep knowing, wisdom, empowerment, sovereignty and ability to remember how to “Dream In” a new state of being. The way forward is to reclaim and reconnect; the path of the Western Shaman is to integrate shamanism into the modern world. As wonderful as it would be to travel and train with our traditional tribe Shamans around the world, very few will have this opportunity. Western society has been gifted access to education and as Western Shamans we have had the opportunity to learn and practice from masters, our path here is to assist you in finding your way home to your Souls Joy and Wellbeing. Nothing is ever the same after your experience the incredible beauty of the Shamanic Path of Soul Medicine.

Shamanic Healing is the process where the practioner enters the earth and sky realms of healing, through the use of Drumming, Rattles, Earth Sacred Stones & feathers we journey to many realms and lifetimes to help the client unlock past lives, send on spirits or reclaim soul fragments. This is very intuitive work that is done with ceremony, ritual and the utmost respect for Mother Earth and Father Sky. We walk our Power Animal guides and Spirit Guides to lead and protect us upon this journey. These journeys only present to us when the client is in a healing space and is at the divine timing in their life when they are ready to move forward. Working with our Shamanic Energy aids us in embracing the shadow side of or life, honouring its presence and learning from all facets of our soul energy. There are no bad parts to our lives, when we honour the shadow of our personality, we allow ourselves to learn and grow through these journeys and Empower ourselves forward once more.

During Shamanic healings there are many  vibrational and emotional shifts which align you back to your Truth. This path is recommended for:

  • Feeling Stuck on your path ahead
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Healing emotional wounds
  • Embracing your Unique soul light
  • Empowerment
  • Letting go and Forgiveness
  • Re connecting

Kendall is passionate about connection to the Shamanic Path she teaches The Shamans Path Intensive Training Courses and conducts personal Shamanic Healing Sessions


“To awaken the Divine in all we meet”


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