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Coming Home

Often we don’t even know what drives us, why we are unhappy or where feelings of anxiety or depression are coming from. We live in a fast paced modern world that has no space to slow; we create a constant state of denial instead of grace. Our mantra becomes “I don’t know why I feel like this, I should be more grateful for what I have in my life or I should just get over it and push on”. Awakening means we are learning there are core reasons for these emotions, the Soul’s voice is calling to be heard and emotions need to be heard, emotions link us back to our Souls Path.

There are no wrong or bad emotions, Shamanic practice illuminates this understanding in the modern world, and allows us to embrace shadow and light to feel whole. Life embracing all emotions is the key to discovering our Divine Light. In Shamanic practice our Soul is our unique and Divine compass, created like no other by Creator, our guide to our life’s pathway. A life without our Soul leading feels empty and disconnected, wounds remain and illness can occur. I truly believe that when we are open to someone really seeing us, our life transforms.

During a Shamanic Healing the Shaman moves into your Soul Realm to assist you healing and discovering the root cause of pain and blocked emotions. You will be lying relaxed and aware in a safe and nurturing space. Counselling is part of the healing in assisting you to understand the journey you are taking, you are always in charge and empowered for your healing. Shamanic Healing is recommended for those:

  • Feeling Stuck in your Life Journey
  • Suffering Anxiety
  • Wanting to reconnect
  • Physically Unwell
  • Grief and Deep Trauma
  • Finding Empowerment
  • Healing Relationships
  • Re Aligning your Path ahead



What an amazing journey it has been with you! Thank you for the most amazing shamanic healings ever.

May 16, 2016

I am still blown away by the life changing result I got from the power of a shamanic healing session I did with Kendall . It enabled me to let go of unwanted baggage that I was carrying around with me and has set me up with the foundations I need to fulfil my life .”

February 25, 2016

Kendall you are a miracle worker and have done the most amazing things for me and my daughter.”

February 25, 2016

I can’t thank you enough! I know it’s what you do and all but you have turned my life around, I see dragonflies everywhere these days!”

February 25, 2016

Kendall, I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for our family. I can’t explain the difference you have made in our lives. I recommend you to everyone and anyone who needs guidance and insight; you are one in a million!!!!”

February 25, 2016

shamanic stones and feathersKendall is available for private clients Shamanic Healings by appointment only; appointments may include all of some of the following at her discretion during client appointments.

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Extraction Work
  • Angelic DNA Integration work
  • Crystal Healing
  • Spirit/Soul Counselling
  • Life plans/Structure Advice

Appointments Available: 

Venue: Heart Hive – Upstairs 31 Crombie Ave, Bundall, Gold Coast

Initial Appointment Consultation, Shamanic Healing & Soul Coaching – (3 hour Session) $290

Ongoing Existing Client Appointments

Follow Up – Shamanic Healing Appointments  –  2 Hours at $180

Follow Up Re connect Appointments1 Hour at $70 or 2 Hour Booking $120 (includes discussion, Medicine Script update -goal setting,  problem solving & of course cup of tea)

Support Email check in – FREE (one per month as needed to reset Medicine Script Homework (goals) and problem solve)

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Contact Kendall at or 0411 066 360

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