crystal divination workshopCrystal Divination Workshop

crystal workshopHealing the Body, Mind & Spirit

For those ready to deepen their passion for Crystals who wish to take their Crystal relationship deeper learning to focus your Intuitive Healing skills.

A two day Workshop designed to focus on using Crystals in healing the Body, Mind & Spirit.

On this wonderful weekend we will be really deepen our understanding of our soul self and unravel your unique path of working with the Crystal Realm.

Incorporating our Unique Trinity Crystal Healing Program

What you will learn at this Heart Healing Weekend:

  • Feel Empowered to Communicate with Crystals
  • Sacred Drum Healing Circle
  • 7 Chakra Healing Meditation with crystals
  • Understand your Unique Crystal Soul Group
  • Connect with the Divine Master Crystals
  • Learn Specialised Crystals for Healing
  • Expand your Intuitive power
  • Crystal healing & the Souls Vibrational Power
  • Give & Receive a Crystal Healing
  • How to Love and Cherish your Unique Wisdom
  • Understand Grounding and Accession Stones
  • Creating a Basic Crystal Grid for a Healing Space
  • Crystal Meditation – Sourcing your Gifts
  • Learn to diagnose which crystals are needed for healing
  • Use of Kendall’s Crystal Power Body Alignment Packs – Trinity Sets Level 1 & 2

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Date:  TBA


Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm both days

Venue: TBA

               Gold Coast

purple crystalIncluded:

  • Crystal Divination Workbook – Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Morning Tea & Herbal Teas Provided
  • Trinity Crystal Power Packs and Crystals are provided for your learning use in the workshop, these Crystals may be purchased during or after the workshop.
  • Certificate on completion

Cost: $320

Early Bird Price $280

Limited Places Available

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